Martyn Hobbs / Julia Starr Keddle

Editorial: Helbling Languages

ISBN: 9783852727578

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Sure , editions Helbling , publisher known for the quality of its books for primary and secondary education, has all the qualities associated with modernity , inventiveness , seriousness and richness of content. The method is presented in four levels from A1 to B2. Each student book includes the course itself, but also an integrated manual exercise and a personalized online space with audio and video equipment access specifications . The manuals are organized into 6 modules rich with sections of vocabulary, grammar , communication with a control always acquired to check the levels before proceeding to the next section. One of the strengths of the book is its roots in the contemporary life of teenagers and young people . Another advantage is the importance of cultural sections endnotes grace which teachers can work on points of British and American civilizations. The method that we appreciate the multiple benefits may be used to advantage in European or classes in schools with motivated through enhanced language learning students.

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